Hearing Aid Technology at Valley Regional Audiology

Hearing aid technology has significantly improved and continues to improve each year. Most hearing aids today are digital and have different styles. Some custom hearing aids fit directly in the ear canal and are barely visible; other hearing aids sit behind the ear with a thin wire or tube connecting to a piece inside the ear.

Hearing aid manufacturers have worked towards developing digital processing that provide the listener with better hearing in challenging listening environments such as when background noise is present. This new technology can make a difference for many hearing aid wearers and often provides better clarity and audibility of speech throughout different settings.


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"Why not wait until my hearing loss gets worse to get hearing aids?"

Delaying the use of hearing aids can reduce the degree to which hearing can be restored. The brain's ability to process auditory information will decline the longer it is deprived of sound. It may become more difficult to separate speech out from the background noises you do not want to hear the longer the use of hearing aids is delayed. The less time that occurs between the onset of hearing loss and the day you start using hearing aids, the less likely you will experience this problem.

Hearing loss does not have to limit you. Hearing aids properly fitted by an audiologist and assistance with good communication strategies can help improve many listening situations.

A few of the different styles of hearing aids available include:

Receiver-in-Canal, Behind-the-Ear
Open-fit, Behind-the-Ear
Power, Behind-the-Ear
Custom, In-the-Ear


Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Hearing Aids

Valley Regional Audiology dispenses Widex hearing aids. Widex offers all styles and levels of hearing aids and provides our audiologist with continued educational materials, trainings, and technological support. Our audiologist has experience with over 10 hearing aid manufacturers, but has found Widex to provide the most reliable product, offering our patients outstanding customer satisfaction.

Widex offers a series of accessories or devices that are compatible with the Widex hearing aids and may assist the hearing aid wearers in specific situations.

  • COM-DEX: a hands-free device for streaming most mobile phones to hearing aids. This can be combined with a COM-DEX app for control of hearing aids volume, sound direction and program settings.
  • TV-DEX: streams high quality audio from yout TV and HIFI systems directly to your hearing aids.
  • RC-DEX: remote control to change the listening programs and volume of your hearing aids.
  • PHONE-DEX: portable land line phone that streams directly to your hearing aids.
  • UNI-DEX: plugs into your mobile phone or other devices to stream autimatically.
  • CALL-DEX: for discreet streaming from mobile phones (connects to most phones with a 3.5 mm jack out put).

Hearing Accessories

Repair and Maintenance

Patients who purchase hearing aids from Valley Regional Hospital are entitled to all needed follow-up appointments during the 50-day trial period, and one routine appointment every 6-months to maintain the hearing aids. If your hearing aid is not working or lost, call our office and we will assist you in whatever way we can to ensure your hearing aid is up and running or replaced as soon as possible. There is no charge to evaluate the problem. A charge is only incurred if manufacturer repair is required and the aid is not under any warranty, but we let you know this in advance.

Additional follow-ups are available at a rate of $10-$50 per appointment depending on the necessary service.

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